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Prof. Lu's Group

State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials
Institute of Theoretical Chemistry
Jilin University

Liu Tiao Road 2#
Changchun, 130021, China
E:[email protected]

Recent Activities

5/31/2018 Congratulations to Ms.Dan Xu for her Ph.D. and Ms.Ji-Yuan Xing for her master's degree.
3/22/2018 Congratulations to Ms.Hui-Min Gao for obtaining a postdoctoral degree.
11/29/2017 Mr.Guisheng Jiao and Mr.Tao Chen awarded their PhD and Mr. Xiangmeng Jia successfully got his master's degree.
06/07/2017 The doctoral dissertation defence of Mr. Han-Wen Pei.
05/05-05/07/2017 The first seminar about Self-Assembling Simulation Method and Application was successfully held.
10/26-10/29/2016 Professor Jayant Kumar Singh from Indian Institute of Technology has been invited to visit our group.
10/14-10/15/2016 The first GALAMOST short-term seminar was held in Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.